Thursday, November 19, 2009

Complacency Kills...

What a dirty word...

It makes me feel guilty...

I have recently been involved in a study using the book Do Hard Things, (check it out!) in one part of the book, the guys talk about the complacency of teenagers in America. My favorite part about this is that everyone knows it. When we hear the word complacency, if we want to admit it or not, we are all complacent to some degree, few among us are really reaching out of their comfort zones to reach people. Why do we do this? Why do we like comfortable?

This may seem like a dumb question, but is comfortable really comfortable? Have you ever not been complacent for a moment or two and actually done something a little bit hard? The reward is amazing. Its like working out, the burn in your muscles is intoxicating, minus all the sweat and pain, its amazing! People are actually addicted to exercising. Do you think if we stepped out of our comfort zones more often that we would be come addicted to sharing God's love with others by doing hard things?

Its hard.

I am weak. I don't pretend to have all the answers or be perfect. I often know the good i ought to do, and pass up the opportunity to do what i know i should. I am flesh. But on thing i do get is that I, we, are not doing our part. We are complacent. Prematurely satisfied with the low expectations of this world. We are in our comfort zone, everything is ok. We aren't challenged and we aren't rewarded. Nothing lost and nothing gained. This may feel ok in life, but, if you're like me, when you read it, it looks like crap. It makes me upset with myself, i can do better! It motivates me to do something...

Most of the time when I think about this, it stops with that, i don't do anything, i chicken out. Don't be like me, I'm trying not to be me as well. I've got to get it together. I'm selfish. I've got to lose myself. You know its true, please take this to heart.

Give it all to God, He never asked for you to share...just a thought




cori slepp said...

Aye, you don't know me/vice-verse but I stumbled upon your site and started reading your first post..then all the ones down until the end of the page, haha.
You were really encouraging and several of the things you said spoke to me.
I guess I just wanted to say this so you'd know and be encouraged to keep posting stuff on here!

-cori slepp

Oh Sew Good said...

Hey Taylor! I found your blog via your Mom's. You write very well. Discipline is hard! Do hard things. (Yes, I read the book too. Loved it.)